Precious metals

With the stock markets fraught with uncertainty, investors are worried about what could happen to their portfolios if the markets tumble. An offbeat way to reduce your portfolio risk is to consider precious metals stocks.

Precious metals stocks can be volatile as their fortunes are linked directly to the prices of metals like gold and silver. However, gold and silver are also considered safe-haven investments, especially in a choppy global environment. So, gold and silver, and hence, precious metals stocks, usually perform well during bear markets.  Read More…


  1. This is why you simply need to diversify your holdings to also include precious metals. It helps reduce uncertainty by spreading out.

  2. I sitll don’t fully understand why people have a need to rush to precious metals. Ok, sure i understand the stability of it but lets not forget that they are just pieces of matter which we define as having value. They are being traded in the rawest non-processed forms. Surely, there are better uses for investing than these things. But then those who lean right are more fearful of things and so will love this stuff. For me, i prefer different types.

  3. Brexit moving forward, Greek bankrupt, US Trump presidency, North Korea on a military spending spree — it seems only wise to invest cautiously, such as this.

  4. When i hear about precious metal investing why do i always hear gold mostly?

  5. It’s definitely a very good time to put some into precious. They are undervalued right now and historically, especially under these conditions, they will be heading up.

  6. Was going to mention TSX:BRIO as a good pick but glad to see the full article covered it already.

  7. So is there a way to get this in physical ounces that i can hold in my hand or is it just simply owning it on paper?

  8. Although markets are up Trump is still considered a wildcard for most experienced investors. He doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that his bluster has direct relations to how markets perform.

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