Have you ever thought about going into business for yourself?  Have you found the one special product or service that would enable you to be your own boss?  Have you ever wondered how you could turn the dream of working for yourself into a reality?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, were you able to succeed?

Well, I haven’t.  I work for someone else.  I have a 9-5 job that I physically go to each week day.  I earn a steady paycheck and have great benefits, but there are times when I would rather walk over hot coals.  Read More…


  1. Seems like settling from what i am reading. I think people are different. One can’t shoehorn one personality into another lifestyle. One man’s comfort at a 9-5 is another’s torture chamber.

    I for one find i am dead inside, like in American Beauty (awesome movie if anyone hasn’t seen it), and only feel at ease being my own boss.

    To each his own i guess.

  2. Although the article was making mention of the idea of “Being Happy” i think it really needs to play that up more. There are so many people going in depressed by not just their daily routines but life in general which then puts evne more of a strain on their lives.

    Better to think happy thoughts and you will be surprised how things around you improve.

  3. But wouldn’t this be masking what ones true feelings are inside? Which is that they are mere slaves to someone elses dreams?

    In many respects being unhappy might drive one to find a way to break free and chase their own dreams. If you read so many startups you find that many would say the same.

    I personally would rather quit my job and try a new business and fail than to never know if it would have worked at all 😎 I guess to me financial security (and that is what we are talking about here) isn’t paramount.

  4. But what for those who’s safety net is their job but what if their job is tolerable but the benfits are so-so? Yes i could pick up and get another job but risk losing what i have now is a bit disconcerting.

  5. One other benefit of staying put is the idea that you can have a level of security and THEN start testing the waters on small business ideas in your home. It reduces the risk and makes for potential opportunities.

    That to me is the smarter approach to all of this. 🙂

  6. I hear ya! I am the same way. I find it suicidal to go venture off on my cockeyed ideas and fail and risk losing my benefits that i spent years building with good internal scores.

  7. It’s funny how similar the Americans are to us and their plans like their 401k to our RRSPs et al. The one lousy area that i read was that health issurance. That is scary to think that they have to thikn about their healthplan before considering changing jobs. Here the health is free so that is not a concern.

    My guess is if healthcare was universal in the US more people would be willing to start businesses — taking risks.

  8. I’m a lifer! I’ve been at my manufacturing job for the past 30 years and i enjoy what i do. I find most people don’t but it’s because of television spoiling our brains into thinking we can have mroe than we need.

    Make with what you got and enjoy life and you will have a better time of the little time we have on this planet. Thanks for the writeup.

  9. Some other perks i’ve had was free parking and all the free coffee and lunches you can stuff in your mouth at all hours, including afterhours. I’ve personally gained 10lbs that way and had no reason going home for dinners at times. I doubt i will find another job like this.

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