Grow your TFSA

f you’re relatively new to investing stocks, you’re probably still exploring the many different strategies out there. No matter which strategies you choose, there are two ways to make money: getting income or selling for a gain.

New investors tend to be mesmerized by the ups and downs of stock prices. Sure, it sounds easy to “buy low” and “sell high” to book a profit, but in practice, it’s not all that simple to trade stocks for a quick gain.

In fact, you’ll notice that some aggressive growth stocks are bullet trains.  Read More…


  1. The tech stocks have been very good for me this year. Sadly i didn't get into Amazon nor Netfix at all but Facebook has been great.

  2. Don't forget kids to have some holdings that include dividends!

  3. Most of my investments are in GIC. I'd prefer to take them out and invest in the markets but fear the penalty.

  4. Any picks that people can recommend?

  5. The worst is leaving it in the savings account. Besides a few interesting accounts like Hubert, most have very low rates (below 1%).

  6. Great article. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Aggressive growth stocks are good but its more for young with money. I am young but i have no money 🙁

  8. I guess i am on the right track because i've been investing since i was 21. Mostly technology and biotech. Had some duds but learned to spread it out. No funds though.

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