Canada Post, CBC Get Failing Grades

A federal watchdog has handed Canada Post and the CBC failing grades for dragging their feet on answering information requests from the public.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault branded the post office with red-alert status Thursday for refusing to respond to many requests filed under the Access to Information Act.

Canada’s public broadcaster fared only slightly better, receiving an F on its report card.

Legault also called for improvements to the access law itself, saying the Conservative government created special exemptions that complicated matters when it brought Canada Post, the CBC and other Crown agencies under the legislation four years ago.  Read More…


  1. Sounds like they are on a witch hunt to me. Legault has been known to do such theatrics when she was advisor to the Competition Bureau so don’t believe the hype. These lower scores are within the margin of reason and ultimately she is just looking for a way to privatize them.

  2. I’ve been saying the same thing about them for years and no one wanted to listen

  3. I heard about this on radio today. Of course CBC isn’t talking about it. Gee i wonder why.

    It’s unfortunate that CBC has become less useful over the years.

  4. Not sure that anything will be done about this problem. I am glad she brought it to light but still its been like this for decades.

  5. These numbers are insane: “190 days for Can Post and 60% of all requests onto CBC”. Terrible!

    It’s time for a serious rehaul or this disease is going to spread.

  6. The government cant do anything right. I applaud her efforts in righting something that cant be righted.

  7. She is not fooling around. Someone put her back on her leash. The conservatives really hate her.

  8. I wish there was such a watchdog here in the U.S.

  9. Honestly, who cares. Noone uses Canada Post anymore. We have the email.

  10. Suzanne Legault is my new hero!

  11. If there this bad at responding to federal requests you can just imagine how bad they are to direct public requests.

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