Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there are better ways for Americans to raise money than to charge Canadians to get into their country.

U.S. President Barack Obama wants to charge Canadians entering the U.S. by air or sea a $5.50 inspection fee, although private vehicles would be exempt.

“They’re running deficits down there well over a trillion dollars a year,” Harper said Thursday. “Some 40 per cent plus of the American spending is financed by borrowing. These are enormously challenging figures.”

But Harper says the inspection fee is not a ”useful” way to raise revenue.

“We want to ensure that trade and travel is easier, not more difficult, and we don’t need additional taxes on that kind of economic activity,” said Harper.  Read More…


  1. Ok wait a minute. At 40% of spending is done via borrowing then how is charging Canadians an inspection fee going to pay that off?

    The math doesn’t add up! But then Americans were never good at math.

  2. It’s only a matter of time then that we will be charging the same for American visitors. And technically the money we raise will actually be more beneficial to our country than the revenue they would raise from us.

  3. Why oh why must Canadians always be the butt of American junk. It is bad enough that their comedy shows always make fun of us, Fox News says our Healthcare system kills people, and that we have strange accents.

  4. But even at 5.50, as the piece writes, it is still chump change and wont make a dent in paying down their debt. I see no point in this experiment.

  5. HELL NO! Harper better get his thumb out of his ass and raise hell!

  6. $5 isnt all that much considering how most of us use that for a coffee each morning. I say fine by me.

  7. Well there goes my Las Vegas trip i was planning with my wife.

  8. So no fee for drivers but for plane travellers it is an arm and a leg. wtf?!?

  9. Wow they must be in SERIOUS debt if they are getting this desparate charging Canadians too.

  10. So when are we going to start charging Americans with this so-called “inspection” fee?

  11. @crazy, yea all 30 million of us are now high level threats and so we must pay a fee to be given a temporary look-away pass.

  12. This has to be a joke but yet its not April yet? Seriously, a $5.50 inspection fee? What are we now considered terrorists and should be put on the watch list too?

  13. If they (Americans) think they are going to get away with this highway robbery they are in for a rude awakening.

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